Antimicrobial Nanosilver Textile

Antimicrobial Textile Technology

Polymer masterbatches impregnated with AgSterilized Nanosilver are the basis for Reinste antimicrobial textiles. With our unique nanosilver impregnation protocol we are successful in achieving the homogenous distribution of silver nanoparticles in PA/PET microfibers.

Obnoxious smell in textiles comes from intensification of microorganisms that nourish on moisture, heat and humidity of our body and environment. Introducing AgSterilized in textiles is a successful approach in providing a germ-free and odor-free safe fabric for human and medical consumptions.

or in other terms, you can say that we are providing anti-fouling, antimicrobial, antibacterial coatings, fibers, master batches etc.

Unique properties of AgSterilized NanoSilver impregnated fabrics:

  • Long lasting comfortable feeling with a sense of completes wellbeing 24x7
  • Durable and effective, antimicrobial clothing technologies sustains actions for 50 + industrial washes.
  • Readily applicable for fabrications purposes but sterilized laundering is a challenge.
  • Can be affective against 99.9% microbes affecting health of common man.

What we provide to the industry:

  • Antimicrobial (15nm size) Nanosilver dispersion in aqueous media with varying concentrations in Parts per Million (ppm).
  • Antimicrobial (15nm size) Nanosilver impregnated master batches of PET, PP, PA, PA6, PE, EVA with desired silver nano particle concentrations.
  • Antimicrobial (15nm size) Nanosilver impregnated yarn for direct cloth making.

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