AgSterilized FAQ

Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is Nano Silver?

Nano means an order of magnitude. A nanometre (nm) equals a billionth metre. Nano silver describes particles of metallic silver with a size of 1-100 nm in at least one dimension.

Nano silver particles may form and degrade spontaneously in nature or can be produced artificially.The nano scale increases the surface per volume unit and thus leads to increased chemical, biological and catalytic activity. Due to the larger surface, more reactive silver ions can be released. The beneficial surface-volume-ratio leads to a higher effect at lower raw materials use.

Q: Why you should go for antimicrobial treatment of your product?

Textiles, plastics, leather, etc. are not protected against infestation. Sanitized treatment compensates for this with proved protection and lastingly hinders the increase of bacteria, yeast, fungi, and dust mites. This protects the functional characteristics of the fibers and contributes to the personal wellbeing of the user or wearer.

Q: Where can I find products protected by AgSterilized?

Because AgSterilized can be incorporated into almost any fabric, polymer, or rubber, it can be found in an almost endless list of applications and products, including clothing, footwear, carpeting, wall covering, bedding, pillows, furniture, air & water filters, respirator surgical face masks, medical scrubs, and automobile interiors. Look for our quality seal, to check whether the product is AgSterilized.

Q: How are AgSterilized products applied?

AgSterilized treatment is introduced into the product either during the industrial manufacturing pro-cess or simply dip coating depending upon the product base material.

Q: How is the effectiveness of a treatment with AgSterilized products proved?

The effectiveness is confirmed through internationally recognized microbiological testing methods.

Q: Can I use the AgSterilized brand name on my treated product?

Our AgSterilized brand is available to any user of our products that has demonstrated antimicrobial efficacy and has signed a Trademark License Agreement.

Q: How long does the antimicrobial treatment lasts?

We work closely with manufacturers to ensure that the correct treatment, procedures and level of AgSterilized are applied so that it will last for the life of the treated article.

Q:Can antimicrobial treatment be used along with other auxiliaries (i.e. fire retardants, dyes, softeners etc. ) ?

AgSterilized treatments are non-ionic and are compatible with softeners and other auxiliaries. However, as there is variation in the types of auxiliaries that are available around the world, we do recom-mend running compatibility tests before going into production.

Q:Will the antimicrobial treatment affect the characteristics of my product (color, fastness stability etc.) ?

Our antimicrobial products are formulated to have minimal effect on the other properties of a treated product. We do, however, recommend that laboratory or plant trials be run before going into full production.