How Does Nanosilver Work

Action of NanoSilver

The AgSterilized technology, is incorporated into products as an additive at the time of manufacture, or applied as a coating after manufacture. Once incorporated the antimicrobial additives provide long lasting built-in microbial protection for the expected lifetime of the product.

With AgSterilized technology, the silver ions comes in contact with microbes present on material surface to destroy them by disrupting their normal cell function in turn inhibit their reproduction and finally results in the death of the cell.

How does Nanosilver Works?

Nanosilver Work in Personal Care

It inhibits the microbial growth by three different modes of action.

  • Make conditions unfavorable for microbial growth: Less colonies, poor growth conditions.
  • Blocks Microbial Cell Metabolism: Results in microbial death.
  • Binds with sulphur containing amino acids: Destroy proteins, DNA/RNA.

Kinetics of NanoSilver

Nanosilver Work in Cancer Treatment

Tests have revealed that our nanosilver inhibits growth of bacteria within seconds. For application like antimicrobial coatings and protective clothing fast inhibition of bacteria is required. AgSterilized is incorporated into the substrate material (e.g., polymer or coating) and is therefore irreversibly immobilized. The antimicrobial effect does not decrease over time even when the treated product is exposed to UV-light or subjected to harsh cleaning procedures.


  • Continous Release of Silver Ions:
    NanoSilver attached to substrate continuously releases Ag+ ions. Our technology ensures its constant
    release over the life time without any decrease in antimicrobial activity.
  • Tolerance at High Temperature:
    Stability of our silver nanoparticles is outstanding even at temperatures above 300°C. It is world wide
    recommended antimicrobial agent in microfiber production.
  • Our nano silver is safe and free from any adulterants and non toxic in nature.