Antibacterial Masterbatches in Polymer

Antimicrobial Nanosilver Polymer Additive

AgSterilized Antimicrobial Nanosilver technology can be incorporated into a wide variety of plastics & polymeric materials to enhance durability, maintain their aesthetic appeal at the same time reduce surface bio burdens. Our antimicrobial treatments are applicable to all types of polymer manufacturing including injection or rotational molding, extrusion, blown film, calendaring, or coatings.

Our effortless and unique compounding technique of AgSterilized nanosilver dispersion into polymer master-batches that are let down into plastics makes the antimicrobial polymer additives safe to handle and easy to use.

Antimicrobial products are commonly used in the following plastic applications: House-wares, Commercial, Apparel, Building Products, and Healthcare

Unique properties of AgSterilized NanoSilver Impregnated Plastics:

  • Can be applied by direct addition or masterbatches concentrations
  • Masterbatches can be supplied in a variety of resin carriers
  • Products can be used under high temperature conditions
  • Safe food contact

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