Germ Free Paint and Coating in India

Antimicrobial Coating for All Surfaces

Regardless of their nature, most paints & coatings are susceptible to bacterial and fungal growth. Microbial attack adversely affects the properties of these coatings, resulting in bacterial odor, staining, or loss of inherent properties leading to a reduced lifespan of the product.

AgSterilized Coating agent built-in antimicrobial technology are ideal for a variety of settings, including Hospitals, offices, movie theaters, and auditoriums.

These agents have Nano-silver, which has great antimicrobial capabilities and causes little or no harm to human, as the main ingredient. Further, their long-lasting antibacterial effect is independent of temperature variants, thus making it most suitable as a coating agent for ceramics, interior exterior wall coats, metal surfaces and wooden surfaces respectively.

Most of conventional antibacterial, antifungal agents have shown a limited period of activity and a predicament of VOC emissions. AgSterilized Antimicrobial coatings shows a consistent efficacy because of the continuous emissions of ionic silver, that intend is responsible for the killing of microbes that gets in touch with the layers of the coating.

Further, the AgSterilized coating consists of a uniform nanosilver dispersion that enables to maintain transparency, and thus does not change the original effect or color of the material. This unique property of the transparent coat is thus used for a wide range of applications.

Unique properties of AgSterilized NanoSilver based coatings:

  • Very long lasting antimicrobial effect due to continues emission of Nanosilver ions.
  • Dispersed Nanosilver exhibits transparent coatings without any visible change in the look of the base material
  • No emission of VOC during and after application of coats
  • The Content of the Nanosilver can be customized as per requirements.
  • Nanosilver has no harmful effect on human or animals.

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