Nanosilver Healthcare Material

Nanosilver Healthcare Products

AgSterilized is a safe and effective antimicrobial solution for many healthcare applications, including scrubs, dressings, catheters privacy curtains, linens, and medical devices.

The maximum risk of microbial action is in place like hospitals etc. Just imagine with the help of AgSterilised products this risk can be minimized to the lowest level. Walls, Curtains, patient beds etc all can be sterilized with the help of AgSterilized advance Technology.

AgSterilized enhanced antimicrobial medical devices and antimicrobial health care products actively inhibit bacterial growth and show a 99+% reduction in test mi-crobes and common bacteria.

Hygiene leads to good health and good health leads to happiness. AgSterilized technology promises you good health and complete happiness.

Benefits of AgSterilized Healthcare products

  • Keeps article clean, hygienic and odor free
  • Effective antimicrobial for heath care and medical procedures such as wound care and topical disinfection
  • Can be easily impregnated into the material
  • Safe for human beings

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